Me Do Me #Ghana! Nkrumah Lives

I’ve just finished reading Ghana: The Autobiography of Dr Kwame Nkrumah. It tells the story of Ghana’s independence from the perspective of Osagyefo himself. So I was pleased to come across a new video from a couple of Ghanaian rappers which features some quotes from the great man. Here it is for your fulljoyment:

3 thoughts on “Me Do Me #Ghana! Nkrumah Lives”

  1. Nice articles but wack music…negative lyrics, imperialist president obama, white colonialist we don't need to see, sisters wit weaves or wigs don't love their natural selves, butty dropping…really? exploiting the beauty and majesty of the African woman is apart of the enemies plan. Can't blow up Ghana and bring down Africa in the same blow but this CD is doing just that..not bringing nothing new but the wackness..same ole thang!! Nkrumah is turning in his grave!

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