NuBlack News #1: Show Notes

Bronx Fire, Eric Williams, Religion and African Spirituality in Nigeria + more

In this first edition of NuBlack News (live), we’ll reflect on the devastating Bronx fire in New York, USA, and take a look at some of the horrendous conditions of housing faced by Africans and others in the public housing in the UK.

We’ll discuss the long-overdue UK publication of former Trinidadian Prime Minister’s book Capitalism and Slavery. This book makes a very strong case that Europeans enslaved Africans for economic reasons, and that slavery was essential in developing the rise of Capitalism.

I’ll touch on the argument of Frank Wilderson in his book “Red, White and Black” that it would have made far more economic “sense” for Europeans to have enslaved their own rather than setting up the “triangular trade.” He argues that the main purpose of enslaving Africans centred on the libidinal economy rather than political economy.

Staying with history, we’ll look at how the idea that Africans were “illiterate” prior to colonialism is refuted by countless examples of ancient indigenous African scripts from across the continent. We’ll look at the fact that many Kenyans have been leaving the big city of Nairobi and returning to their countryside roots during the last couple of years.

And we’ll look at some recent comments from acclaimed Nigerian author Wole Soyinka on the negative impact of religion in Nigeria, and also discuss what appears to be a resurgence of African spirituality there.  

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