Traffic Controls, #Statism & #Anarchism

Just came across a really fascinating couple of videos on the issue of traffic controls. They discuss how traffic lights create far more problems than they solve, and show how the simple act of removing them allow motorists to ‘self-regulate’ the flow of traffic. I see this as a kind of microcosm of the difference betweenContinue reading “Traffic Controls, #Statism & #Anarchism”

Markets NOT Capitalism! (Intro to Left Libertarianism/ Market Anarchism)

Do you know it’s possible to be anti-capitalist, but also pro-market? This is definitely the direction I find myself heading in these days. Here’s some resources to give an overview: What is Market Anarchism?“Market anarchists believe in Market exchange, not in economic privilege. they believe in free markets, not in capitalism. What makes them anarchists is theirContinue reading “Markets NOT Capitalism! (Intro to Left Libertarianism/ Market Anarchism)”

#African #Anarchism! (Our indigenous socio-political systems)

Before considering how pre-colonial African societies were anarchist in nature, we need a definition of this scary-sounding term “anarchism”. Colin Ward defines anarchism as “the name given to the idea that it is possible and desirable for society to organise itself without government.” [Anarchy in Action, p:19 –].  In chapter 2 of his phenomenal How Europe Undeveloped Africa (1973),Continue reading “#African #Anarchism! (Our indigenous socio-political systems)”