Our Own Traditions: anti-authoritarianism in our histories of struggle (by Roger White)

Long before the Paris commune or the Spanish Civil War, African tribes and clans were practicing self-sustaining modes of living that did not require political authority or static structures of social hierarchy.

#African #Anarchism! (Our indigenous socio-political systems)

Before considering how pre-colonial African societies were anarchist in nature, we need a definition of this scary-sounding term “anarchism”. Colin Ward defines anarchism as “the name given to the idea that it is possible and desirable for society to organise itself without government.” [Anarchy in Action, p:19 – http://libcom.org/files/Ward_-_Anarchy_in_Action_3.pdf].  In chapter 2 of his phenomenal How Europe Undeveloped Africa (1973),Continue reading “#African #Anarchism! (Our indigenous socio-political systems)”