Where is Uganda’s Lumumba?

In Uganda rampant inflation – coming shortly after a disputed election win for President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni – has given birth to the Walk to Work campaign. The Government response has been to shrug its shoulders and mete out obscene violence. This in turn has led to what looks like a surge in support forContinue reading “Where is Uganda’s Lumumba?”

The Rise and Fall of So Solid: A Cautionary Tale

So Solid Nostalgia! I’m feeling all nostalgic for the So Solid crew (pictured right). I’m thinking about the kind of things they might have gone on to achieve if their rise had not been stopped so soon. So Solid emerged at the tail end of UK Garage’s commercial boom in the late 1990s. Up untilContinue reading “The Rise and Fall of So Solid: A Cautionary Tale”

Most African & Asian Children in the UK Living in Poverty

Once upon a time there was this horrible thing called “racism”. Racism used to affect dark-skinned people in the UK. It prevented us from being able to get jobs. We were called awful names and faced physical violence in the streets from racist people – including the police. But thankfully, everything’s fine now because ourContinue reading “Most African & Asian Children in the UK Living in Poverty”

Angolan Dies on Plane During Forced Deportation

Guardian A man who died while being deported to Angola was being heavily restrained by security guards and had complained of breathing problems before he collapsed, a witness has told Guardian. Jimmy Mubenga lost consciousness while the British Airways flight was on the runway at Heathrow on Tuesday night. The commercial flight was cancelled andContinue reading “Angolan Dies on Plane During Forced Deportation”