Buffness: If you can conceive it, You can achieve it!

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You have probably heard of this saying before, “if you can conceive it, you can achieve it.” It’s a very daring concept because it has a very high view of the creative potential of human beings. The idea is expressed in a powerful way by the Brand New Heavies in their 1997 hit “You Are the Universe” (remember when funky, empowering songs like this would get into the pop charts?):
Now, I imagine that it’s not possible to prove this concept scientifically. This means that many of us who have a certain kind of Western, ‘rational’ mindset will dismiss it. But I think this is a very valuable and practical idea which can be applied to our lives in order to make full use of our talents.
Before every act of creation, there is a creative thought, a plan, a blueprint, a vision. The computer or phone or tablet (etc.) you are probably using to read this blog began its life as an idea in a designer’s head. In his book “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”, the recently deceased Stephen Covey refers to the 1st and 2nd. The 1st creation is the plan, the blueprint. The 2nd creation is the physical manifestation of that 1st creation. One of the keys to being effective in life is to understand this basic idea and then to use it to take control of our lives. It’s all about being proactive.
If you are a skinny dude and you want to get buff, you should create a clear vision for your body. It’s best to keep this as simple and as visual as possible. You can simply go online and find a picture or video of some dude whose physique you would like to emulate. Save this image or video somewhere that you can refer back to regularly. This is your blueprint, your first creation. You are already a creator! Your next step is to manifest this creation in the physical realm.
Having created a “vision for buffness”, you should record exactly where you are right now. What do you look like now? How much do you weigh now? Take photographs of yourself. The best thing to do is to find a specific place to take the photo(s). You should also weigh yourself and record this somewhere.
This will give you the baseline from which to measure all of your future progress. Every month, you should take new photos in that exact same place and with the exact same lighting so you can get a clear idea of your progress. You should also regularly weigh yourself to see how much weight you putting on. You will be amazed at how quickly you will notice changes to your body once you start putting in the work. This will really inspire you and give you confidence. I love looking at photos of me in the past, but I am a bit vain like that!
The next step in the skinny to buff journey is to think about food!

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